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Why does that track you have just recorded in the studio sound so flat, when compared with the recording of the same track your mate did on his phone at the gig last week?

Well, you are missing the audience, all those shouting, stomping fans, and the adrenaline that fueled you when you were up on that stage.

But you can't release his phone recording, it is not good enough quality,what can you do?

You can use his phone to call us. We can squeeze our lightweight multi track recording equipment into any small gig, rehearsal studio or even your front room, and record everything - even that elusive energy! The beauty of it is you can take that recording into a studio and mix it there - or even take it home and do it yourself, if you have the right software.

Too often, these days, music is made with each part recorded separately, either one instrument at a time or with the musicians hidden in booths or behind a huge screen. There is no connection, no interplay, between the musicians and the whole thing sounds cold and clinical.

Let us record your next gig or rehearsal and get the 'live' back into music.

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We can also offer PA and Lighting Hire, experienced technicians, and many other services.

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